Thomas Gerlach

Director of


Areas of Expertise - Automotive

    • Alternative Fuel (CNG, LNG, Ethanol, Methanol, H2)
    • Emissions Enhancement and Emission After Treatment Systems
    • Engine Performance Enhancement
    • Engine Calibration
    • Engine Testing, Data collection, Analyses and Interpretation
    • Fuel Systems development
    • EMS and Control strategy development
    • Combustion development
    • Variety of Engine Applications and fuels (2-stroke, 4-stroke, rotary, UAV, etc.)

Combustion Development

  • Gasoline homogenous combustion (Lambda=1)
  • Gasoline lean-stratified combustion
  • Direct Injection – CNG, high performance demonstrator engine
  • Dual fuel combustion with LNG + Diesel (pilot diesel)
  • Dual fuel combustion with Ethanol+ Diesel (pilot diesel)
  • Diesel combustion Improvements
  • HCCI/CAI combustion
  • 2-stroke high performance engine combustion development with direct injection

Fuel System Development

  • Intake manifold injection (EFI)
  • Direct injection solenoid (HPDI)
  • Direct injection piezo (HPDI piezo)
  • Direct injection Orbital Air Assist
  • Direct injection CNG
  • Diesel fuel injection (mechanical, unit injector, common rail )
  • Injector benchmarking
  • Fuel metering tests
  • Fuel injection event variation tests
  • Fuel droplet size measurement (MALVERN particle-sizer)
  • Fuel spray high speed imaging (LAVISION high speed camera)

Engine applications and Fuel

  • Single cylinder research engine (SCRE)
    • Automotive SCRE 0.4 liter (CAI, Piezo HPDI, Orbital Air Assist)
    • Heavy Duty SCRE 1.7 liter (Dual Fuel, CNG DI, Ethanol DI, Piezo HPDI, CI, SI)
  • Heavy duty engines
    • Diesel (mechanical, Unit injector, Common rail)
    • Dual fuel (LNG/Diesel)
    • 100% Ethanol conversion, SI, DI, dual fuel
    • Methanol/DME
  • Automotive engines
    • Natural aspirated
    • Turbo-charged
  • 2-Stroke engines
  • Rotary Engines
  • General Purpose Engines
  • Fuels: Gasoline, Diesel, CNG/LNG, Ethanol, Methanol, JP5, AvGas, JP8

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